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Pizza for Heroes

So many of us are struggling to understand what to do during this unprecedented health situation facing our world. Heroes are battling on the frontlines and small businesses are fighting to stay open. For $10, you can support both. We have prayed, researched and spent much time in thought to find a way to encourage those around us and we are hopeful that you will join us in sharing the ultimate sharable food…pizza!

Viola’s Pizza Company will use your $10 to make sure a pizza gets to heroes who need it at a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, police department, doctors’ office, or fire station.

Follow this link to help us help the heroes!  If you have a suggestion for some folks that could use a pizza, leave a comment below and we will begin our list!

Thank you for helping our small business continue to operate while encouraging the heroes in our community! Our first goal is for this Friday, March 27th!